Dog grooming school

Pet grooming is more than just a trim and bath service — it’s a complex procedure that at top dog grooming salons will include

  • Detection of fleas, lice, ear mites and other parasites
  • Inspection of skin for thorns, punctures, scratches, cuts, irritation
  • Paramedical checkup for skin lesions, rash, patches, lumps, skin or gum discoloration and other signs that may speak of illnesses
  • Classical trims, creative styling, professional hair grooming for dog shows with regard to the exhibition standards of every breed
  • De-shedding procedures and treatments to remove dormant undercoat and reduce shedding
  • Treatment of skin conditions (dry, flaky, itchy skin, hot spots, flea bites, dermatitis, eczema and others) with medicated rinses and topical medications
  • Flea defense coat treatments
  • Nail trimming or dremeling
  • Dental and gum care: teeth brushing, gum wipe, dental spray or chlorhexidine soak to remove scale and eliminate bacteria creating bad breath problem
  • Anal sac extraction

Learn top dog grooming techniques at a dog grooming school

We’re proud to cooperate with some of the top dog grooming courses where you will

  • Develop an understanding of dog and cat physiology, anatomy, behavior and personality
  • Study the principles of grooming
  • Master the grooming and handling techniques for all breeds of dogs and cats
  • Train to take ultimate care of your pet
  • Or even complete an academic course and obtain a certificate to start a career in the grooming industry. Many programs can be completed online in 8 to 12 weeks

No more anxiety for you and dog, tons of money saved on regular grooming, and your own creative style for your pet — training at a dog grooming school has lots of benefits for you even if you don’t plan on working as a groomer.

How to find a dog grooming school?

With ‘Near Me’ finding a good offline or online grooming course is simple: just fill-in the application form on our website, and we’ll send you best quotes from the schools that match your criteria. We work with reliable, accredited facilities only, and have special rates with many providers.