Dog walking

Staying out overnight? Visiting friends or family? Going for a short business trip? Tired, not feeling well or just too busy to walk your dog?
‘Near Me’ is a platform connecting dog owners with dog sitters. We have an extensive database of profiles for dog walking services, and a smart filter system to narrow down your search and find the best companion for your friend instantly.

Our dog walking services

Private one-on-one walks: your dog will be walked in your neighborhood. For your pet’s safety collars or harness are required, and walking on leash is a must. Private dog walks are booked in time slots of 30 or 60 minutes.
Group walks: your dog is picked up to join others for a walk in a local neighborhood under supervision of skilled dog walkers. During group walks your pet gets plenty of exercise and socializes with other dogs. For safety reasons we require proof of vaccinations for every pet. A group walk usually takes 2—4 hours including pick-up and drop-off.
Adventure walks: parks and beaches are perfect for a long adventure walk where your dog will explore walking trails and learn new skills. An adventure walk takes around 5 hours including pick-up and drop off.

Our dog walking rates

We strive to create a competitive business environment with reasonable dog walking rates. All pet sitter profiles and customer reviews on our website are verified by our staff — experienced and gentle dog walkers will bring you peace of mind. At the same time your pets will be taken care of at rates as low as:

  • From $15 per hour — for a group walk
  • From $30 per hour — for a one-on-one walk
  • From $40 — for a group adventure walk

At ‘Near Me’ we walk your dog with love

Our dog walkers are different, but all have a few things in common:

  • Patience: we take our time and enjoy the walk even with the most temperamental pets
  • Confidence: we know to handle animals and avoid issues
  • Communication skills: we know to listen and talk with pet owners
  • Passion: animals hold a special place in our hearts so you can be sure that we walk your dog with love
We love dogs and this is why we developed a comfortable, safe and colourful dog muzzle as unique as the character of your dog, a custom fit muzzle out of Biothane® - BUMAS safety for your dog.