Dog wash

Vets advise to wash dogs from once a week to once a month, depending on the breed, the coat and the habits of your pet. Professional grooming facilities, mobile grooming vans and self-serve dog washes are specially equipped to provide a thorough, comfortable, stress-free dog wash to a pet of any size and breed. Apart from making coat and skin clean and pretty, regular bathing also keeps your pet comfortable, healthy, free from parasites, it can treat certain skin conditions and reduce shedding.

Why order a dog wash at ‘Near Me’?

‘Near me’ dog wash service is a hassle-free, fast and affordable way to arrange a professional bath for your pet. We work with a pool of grooming salons, mobile groomers and self-serve dog washes, where every network member is an approved provider, assessed and certified by our in-house board of experts. When you open a request, providers in your area start coming up with their best offers, and all you need is just to pick the best one based on price, location, customer reviews and your personal preferences.

What may a professional grooming facility include in a dog wash?

  • Coat brushing to remove mats and dreadlocks
  • Soft shampoo and conditioner, free of harsh chemicals
  • Air drying or blow drying
  • A medicated rinse for treatment and relieving of various skin conditions: itching, hotspots, dandruff, dermatitis
  • De-shedding treatments that can reduce shedding up to 90%
  • Topical treatment for fleas, flea defense shampooing
  • A soothing massage, hydromassage
  • Eye and ear cleansing
  • Oral cleansing
  • Nail management


What is a self-serve dog wash?

At a self-serve dog wash you’ll rent a bathtub, make use of professional brushing, raking, clipping, trimming, de-shedding, blow drying and other tools, as well as of salon shampoo, conditioners, rinses and spa products as recommended for your dog’s coat and skin. Groom your pet like a pro at one of ‘Near me’ self-serve dog washes in your area.