Mobile dog grooming

A mobile dog groomer arrives at your doorstep to treat your pet to a luxury trim and bath in a specially equipped van. ‘Near me’ mobile dog grooming service saves your time and effort, ensures professional and gentle care for your dog, and offers competitive prices from the best mobile dog groomers in your area. All of our grooming vans are air-conditioned, with water and power supply of their own, and need only a place to park and your dog to pamper.

What is a mobile dog groomer?

The mobile dog grooming van is a professionally equipped, safe, comfortable and stress-free environment where the pet stylist is able to perform any of the following:

  • Brushing, raking and combing
  • Clipping and trimming
  • Bathing in a bath tub
  • Blow drying
  • Flea treatment
  • De-shedding treatment
  • Nail clipping
  • Teeth brushing, gum cleansing, topical sprays for disinfection and tartar removal
  • Eye and ear cleansing
  • Massage

Benefits of mobile grooming for you and dog

While the price of a customized mobile grooming procedure starts at as low as $50, you and your pet get some good value for this money:

1. 2—3 hours travel time spared: the van parks in your doorway
2. No appointments, no waiting time
3. A low-stress experience for your dog: no car sickness, no cage
4. No contact with other animals
5. A personalized, one-on-one approach to every pet

How to order mobile dog grooming using ‘Near Me’?

Leave your request on our website or in our mobile app, selecting a grooming package, preferred appointment hours, your pet’s breed and size. For most areas we have at least 2—3 vans on our network, so you’ll start getting offers from mobile dog groomers shortly after your bid goes online. For every candidate you may check the customer reviews and have an instant messenger for communication. Normally ‘Near Me’ mobile dog grooming providers charge no cancellation fee if the appointment was rescheduled with a 24-hour notice. An extra fee may apply for an unusually matted or dreadlocked condition or in case multiple baths are required.